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DIY: Wallpaper Crafts!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Whether you want a little more color around your home, or needing a not-so-permanent solution for your apartment, wrapping paper is just the ticket. Some glue and a little imagination is all you need!

We have a huge selection of wrapping paper in right now! Floral paper to brighten up your bedroom for the summer, alphabet paper to put finishing touches on the nursery, or World Maps to add character to your guys place… we pretty much have it all!

Here are a few ideas of our own:

and some from Design Sponge to get you started…


1001 Ways to Save the Earth

Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Lavish is always looking for ways to be environmentally friendly. For example, we urge companies to use less packaging, buy a lot of local and green products, even our displays are created using a lot of found pieces, the list goes on. We're so excited that we came across "1001 Ways to Save the Earth". This book has a lot of realistic ideas that can easily be added to any life style. This small book is beautifully illustrated making it a joy to read, and the perfect size to take on a crowded bus during commute or keep in the glove box of your car for unexpected downtime. We hope that you enjoy this book as much as we do, and wish you luck as we all strive to be green in our own way.


Shae Sweaters have ARRIVED!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hoping you all got to enjoy that quick second of sunshine this weekend! Whether it was laying out at Dolores Park or sitting in an air-conditioned movie theater I think we all can agree that any kind of heat wave is a nice surprise in San Francisco.

Unfortunately the wave has passed, BUT THAT’S OKAY! Because we just got in the cutest shipment of SHAE sweaters!!! Quarter length, long sleeve and short sleeve - your sure to find a sweater that suites your new spring wardrobe.

Come in and take a look! For all you outside of the Bay Area: I’ll keep you posted when we launch them on our website. But for now, here are a few photos....


Bay to Breakers run past LAVISH

This Sunday was HOT!! Usually by 11:00 when I open the store on Bay to Breakers race day the runners are nowhere in sight and the street cleaners have already done their business.

This year was different! The heat seemed to slow everyone down a bit and when I showed up Sunday, I got to gawk outside the store for a bit while all the straggling (somewhat intoxicated) walkers strutted down Hayes Street.

Only in San Francisco….


Introducing DENIM!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fidelity denim and James Jeans have arrived!!!

So, there’s a ton of denim out there and I’m sure you’re all wondering what’s so special about ours…

Well, after reviewing dozens of denim lines we narrowed it down to these two brands that provide great quality, style, and COMFORT.

Fidelity Denim: These jeans are so soft!! I could likely forget to take them off before going to bed. My personal favorites are the skinnies. I’m a boot girl so I’m always on the hunt for a pair of skinny jeans and I have to say these are my new favorite. The inseam on them is the perfect height (none of that low rise stuff) and you can walk around in them all day without any slouchin’.
Styles available: Trouser leg, Flare, Bootcut, Skinny

James Jeans: Known for dry aging their denim in the sun and using all organic cotton, you can count on feeling good when wearing this environmentally friendly denim. James Jeans is founded and designed by a women… how can you NOT trust this line to make you look good? These jeans know exactly what to accentuate and what to hide, you’ll know what I mean after you slip on a pair!
Styles available: Straight leg, Bootcut


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